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preparing the family for a new baby – sibling rivalry

What happens to your older children when a new baby comes along? Well they get jealous of course. Today our mums discussed sibling rivalry and jealousy and what they did to prepare their older children for a new baby.

Preparing the family for a new baby

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Melissa Bell knows all too well just how tricky it can be to introduce a new baby to a family, especially when you’re a step mum. Importantly she recognised that her step children may feel jealous of their new sibling and she took time to talk through their concerns. With 5 kids, she is a great example of a mum with a blended family.

GP, Cindy Pan, recommends that parents be optimistic about bringing another baby into the family and the kids will pick up on this optimism and help make the transition to big brother or sister. A few other tips shared by the mums included the new baby to give the older kids a present after the birth and also to read lots of books about being a big brother or sister.

And Alison Osborne gives us great advice on how couples should prepare themselves for the arrival of a baby because of the strain a baby places on a relationship. She believes that placing your relationship with your partner as your first priority will help to provide you with the support and stability you need to be a great mum. All the girls agree on this statement, “Happy Mum, Happy Family”.

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