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Julie Mark

Julie Mark replied to topic Ultrasound

Happy to know that you are pregnant. I am really looking forward to being too. My DH and I are TTC for almost 4 months. No good news yet. But I hope we will be conceiving soon. I just wanted to wis...

Monday 26 February 09:22pm
Julie Mark

Julie Mark replied to topic Figured out stuff..

I am doing fine, thanks for asking. I am glad to know about you. I hope and wish this works for you. May this trial gives you the happiness you have been waiting for. May you have your babies soon....

Saturday 24 February 08:02am
Julie Mark

Julie Mark replied to topic Can we all ladies talk about surrogacy.

Surrogacy is the process for anyone to have their own baby. It is sometimes not possible for some women out there to carry their child and compromise on their figure as demanded by their jobs. We s...

Tuesday 20 February 02:50am
Julie Mark

Julie Mark replied to topic Wanting to get pregnant

Hey! Good to hear that you wanna get pregnant. It is the most wonderful feeling in the world I tell you. No, it's not too soon to start ttc. My doctor told me I can start ttc anytime I want wh...

Tuesday 20 February 02:36am
Julie Mark

Julie Mark replied to topic surrogacy good or bad?

Sorry to know about you. It is definitely a difficult hind to handle. It seems like you are giving up everything. You have got to be strong. You will be having your own child soon. I am glad that y...

Saturday 17 February 05:47pm
Julie Mark

Julie Mark replied to topic Natural pregnancy or to go with IVF?

Jeniffer, I can completely understand you. First of all, I am sorry for your failures. M/Cs leaves nothing but sadness. Conceiving is the dream of every woman. You also want to be pregnant even aft...

Friday 16 February 02:34am
Julie Mark
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