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Hi there. I won’t say this. Such digital forums had enlightened so many of the women that if they cannot freely talk to their spouses or relatives they can vent out here. We all listen to each other calmly and suggest appropriate advised. I myself had 2 miscarriages and was told that I cannot conceive ever. I might die if I ever try. Today, I have 3 beautiful babies. I conceived artificially from a clinic. So; no. I don’t think it is tabooed anymore. Clair..

Hello there. How are you? Look; I was diagnosed with PCOS and was informed that I cannot conceive naturally. I then had opted for “BioTexCom” for conceiving artificially. You can consult your doctors for this. They will give you the best advice. They know how your body will react to these medicines. Though they are vitamins; you are not suppose to eat or take every one of them. Some will suit you best; some won’t. Just seek doctor’s advice and then take it in the quantity they prescribe. Clair ..

Hello there. I am so glad you posted such a post on this forum. With this post; I want to share my experience. I was diagnosed with PCOS. I had 2 miscarriages. I was unable to breath. Was hospitalized for weeks. When discharged, I confided myself in a room and cried. This is all I had done. Cried. I hadn’t eaten anything for a week. Then my husband was the one who took the responsibility on his shoulders and did researches, consulted doctors and took to “BioTexCom”. There they advised me for IVF treatment and to conceive artificially. I had undergone this treatment and today I have 3 babies all fit and my own. I am eternally grateful to them. Yet; I am not able to forget my babies I couldn’t hold. I couldn’t kiss good night. Just hope for the best.

Hello there. How are you? I am so apologetic about your condition. I am so sorry for your loss. I had been in the same spot as you are and trust me our relatives and acquaintances say these words which they considered are motivating or consoling or making you feel better. They do this because they wish for us to end hurting ourselves psychologically, but at that time, of course you sense annoyance that they are saying these things. “They don’t know what they are talking about” I think you think like this too. The companions who detained the room with me and embrace me exclusive of saying anything other than "I'm so sorry". They always held me. They are holding you. You just need to be positive. I know this is not possible yet you can try. Best wishes. Clair..

Hello there. How are you? I am so sorry to read about your post. I am all tears. This is such a heartbreaking thing. I know this is one of worst feelings. Like to know that you are conceiving; that feeling you had is something so wonderful and beautiful that you cannot wipe that smile off your face. You act all goofy. People loves you. Your relationship with your spouse gets more strong. I know this feeling. I had not one but two miscarriages. I was a breathing corpus. I couldn't differentiate between day and night. I was not eating. I didn't know my condition. I had foul smell from me. I was so depressed that I couldn't even go and have a bath. My husband was the one who looked after me. He was the one who stood tall and firm in front of me when I was cowering in corners like shadows. I was not going out. I confined myself in a room This was death. I know. Just hope and pray no one ever go through this ever again. Today; I have 3 beautiful babies due to "BioTex...

Hello there. How are you? I am so glad for you. Keep up and don’t be afraid. Enjoy this beautiful moment. This is something you should not take for granted. I know miscarriage is something not easy; yet you can do it. Just keep the hope. Maintain healthy diets. Keep lots and lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Have walks. Not to long just medium. Meditate and enjoy. Clair..

Hi there. Hope you are fine. I was diagnosed with PCOs and was informed I cannot conceive. To be honest; I had the same levels as yours and was told to not try conceiving or else I was be responsible for any life0threathing situations. I have to keep up with this which was what I didn’t do. I cried and cried. Then my husband did such extensive researches and consulted so many doctors. After all this; HE took me to a clinic “BioTexCom”. They gave me my gorgeous 3 babies. Yet; the pain of the lost 2 is still in my heart. You keep a positive attitude and keep consulting doctors. You can even consult this clinic if you like and then opt for the best. Hope for the best. Clair..

Hi there. How are you? I am so apologetic to read about your state. I for myself had faced 2 awful miscarriages. They shattered me within out. You have to maintain faith. You have to keep going ahead; towards best. I recommend you the same. I know this is so hard for you to cope. Hell, it is still very hard for me to cope though I have 3 amazing babies who I conceived artificially in a clinic “BioTexCom”. I was informed I could never conceive. All in all; just hope for the best. Clair

I am so sorry to read about this. I am among you girls. I had miscarriagesdtwice. I was diagnosed with PCOS. I didn't knew how to cope with this feeling. It is still so green and fresh that I don't know what to do. I had done everything I can to forget it but still I remember it. I was informed I can not conceive. Though I have 3 beautiful babies because I had undergone fertility treatment in "BioTexCom" yet I couldn't forget about those 2 babies I lost and loved so much. I hope they forgive me for this. All this pain I caused them. I juts wish they forgive me. Clair

Hello there. How are you? Look; I am a woman who had twice miscarriage. One after the other. It was devastating. It was heartbreaking. It was dead feeling. I cannot explain how I had endured this pain. To top it all; I was informed I not conceive. Ever. This is worst. At least you are not diagnosed this. You should awalys be grateful to God. God loves you. He had definitely planned something great for you. You just have to keep firm faith. I had opted for “BioTexCom” to conceive artificially. I today have 3 babies and to tell you the truth; they are amazing. My own kids. I am attaching a link for you. You can look at it and then consult a doctor. See what they say about you. Hope for the best. Clair..