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Hello there. How are you? I am so sorry to read about your condition. I can comprehend your state very well. I am in actuality apologetic for lose you had sustained in your life. It is the reverie of every woman to have baby subsequent to the marriage. Miscarriage occurs due to the irregular menstrual cycles, inequity of the hormones, etc. It is excellent that you handled it this early. It will be supportive for you in future while conceiving. Look; these cases can be handled easily if and only if they are identified this early. It can be difficult if the problem had matured. You can opt for fertility treatment and be capable to conceive the baby. Following the miscarriage; you must to contemplate and ne aware about your physical conditions. I was not able to conceive due to my illness. I had my treatment from BioTexCom. I am attaching a link for you to have a look at it as well. In BioTexCom, you will facilitate with advance faci...

Hello there. How are you? Hope you are fine. Look; several people had shown interest in being your surrogate. This is such a proud moment. Many people here know the importance of a complete family. Numerous people around the world considered surrogacy or any other fertility treatment a sin. Why? I don’t have the answer. When my cousin was being a surrogate, the doctors informed us that it is better to have a surrogate from your own family. Will no one in your family be kind enough to be your surrogate? According to the doctors in BioTexCom; having a surrogate from family reduces the complications up to 70%. So, may you find a good surrogate. Clair..

Hello there. How are you? I am on my 4th baby. Ecstatic is the word to describe my word. I was not capable to conceive due to illness and was informed to never even try. Still; I tried. Both of my pregnancies ended in disaster. Both were fatal. I was so hopeless. I had forgotten that there is a God. That medical science has gone way ahead of time. My husband took me to a clinic where miracles happen every hour. I was stunned when the doctor took my hand and said “You will have a baby in your arm. This is a promise.” Sure enough, I have a baby. BioTexCom is a facility where miracles happen. I am so happy and so grateful to them. If they wouldn’t have been there, I still would have been infertile. Maybe, dead. I just wish you all a successful journey. I am attaching a link of BioTexCom, if any one wants to look into it. Clair .

Hello there. How are you? I am sorry to read about your confusion. Look; first and foremost, consult a doctor. You need to have medical attention. If the prescribed medicines are not working; you need to see your doctor again. This is not an easy case. To take medicines when you think they are not working is dangerous. I was diagnosed with PCOS and have quite heavy medications. I then undergo fertility treatment; there I had been injected quite heavy dosages of drugs. Never had I felt like this with the medications given by BioTexCom. Why don’t you consult a new doctor? Hope, all the best for you. Clair..

Hello there. How are you? I am sorry to read about your confusion. Look; such matters are to be taken seriously. You should consult a doctor. This indication can be just a withdrawal and it can be the indication of conceiving. Yet, you have to be certain. Schedule an appointment from doctor and let them test you. In the mean time, have a healthy diet. Meditate. It will help you concentrate on your body. It is said a mother can feel her child growing inside of her even when the baby is nothing but a clot. So, all the best. Clair..

Hello there. How are you? Look; this is not an easy task. Menstrual cycles are very important. They are your fertility days. They are the best chance to conceive. Had you consulted doctors? Told them your condition? It is important to seek doctor’s advice in such cases. I had read on many places that acupuncture is very helpful in stabling normal cycles. You can try them as well. I hope you all the best. Clair..

Hello there. How are you? It is entirely your decision. Look; bear in mind that anything can occur in the period of the mentioned agreement. You can depart any time you fancy with notice. They are capable of ending the agreement defendant on stipulations of the concord. I was myself employed in a firm when I had my first miscarriage. So, don’t worry. Just take good care of yourself and everything will be fine. Do not lift heavy objects and such care. Clair..

Hello there. How are you? I am a mother of 3 babies who had been conceived artificially. Why? The reason was, I was not capable to conceive naturally. It had left me so depressed that I was a suicidal case. My husband was quite hopeful that I can still conceive. My vitals were good but PCOS was a hindrance. I had 2 m/c’s . The last one was quite fatal. I nearly lost my life. But, that time; I prayed that God could had swapped places. Should have given my life to my baby. The thing with such stories is: they give you lessons. My story will give you the lesson that do not wish for something you would not want after some time. Just have hope. Clair..

Hello there. How are you? I am so sorry to know about this. Look; an IVF treatment had less than 40% chances of success rate in women above the age of 34 years of age. Some get lucky to conceive by this treatment after this age; as you said. Statistically; is not possible. But, we will in a world where miracle happens every day. These women are nothing less than miracles. You can have a baby but the option for you, as far as, I know is Surrogacy. It is not only safe but also had high chances of survival. Why not opt for this? You had already wasted your resources on IVF. Why not give this a try? I am sure, in no time, you will have a baby. Consult a doctor and have several recommendations from people as well. I am sure you will find the right direction. I had being diagnosed with PCOS and was informed I couldn’t conceive because of this. My husband took me to BioTexCom. I had undergone fertility treatment and today, I have 3 babies. Best of luck to you. Clair..

Hello there. How are you? Hope you are well. Look; if are already 38 then do not choose an IVF treatment. I will purely giving you my advice. IVF will not work on your cases. The chances of success rate is 40% or below. You will be wasting money and time. Still; consult a doctor and then go for any fertility treatment. It is necessary to have doctor’s advice. If you had made your mind. Opt for surrogacy. That will be 100% guaranteed and you will have your own baby. Biologically speaking. As you showed concerned about drugs; clinics you opt for play a major role in your health. They inject you with drugs, medications and much more. So, you need to be very careful while choosing your clinic. I was diagnosed with PCOS and was informed that I couldn’t conceive. I had opted for BioTexCom. Today, I have 3 babies who are born artificially. So, you need to be very careful with these things. Best wishes. Clair..