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Hello there. How are you? How are you? I am so glad that you had a wonderful time with your little one. Babies don’t tend to create problems if the things concerning themselves are fulfilled: P They food. They must be well fed and no one should touch them. They must be dry down there: P All in all, it will always be good to take your babies out. They must start interacting with people from small age so they can be bold and confident. I have my babies from BioTexCom. They are so energetic that I have to run after them. Lolx. Love Clair..

Hello there. How are you? How are you? I am so sorry to read about your position. I know such news can shock up a person. Babies are so important part in relationships that if a woman is told she will not be able to conceive is no less than tell her she will die alone. I can understand your pain. I was informed that I am incapable of conceiving naturally. Why? I was having an illness which was life-threatening for my baby too and myself. I was so depressed. Always; I asked myself why me. Then, my husband took me to BIoTexCom. The reason to say this all is; you should go for surrogacy from a good clinic. It is important to choose good clinic because your baby will be on stake. It is usually recommended that a surrogate should be someone of your blood. Any cousin or other relative. Why not ask from your family members? I am sure they will help you. Clair

Hello there. How are you? How are you? I can kind of comprehend how you feel. I am not a single parent but I had faced the similar problem. I had abortion because I was diagnosed with an illness. I am so sorry about your condition. This is so horrible. It is good you left both of those men. I appreciate your decision. Kids are very important. Being in an abusive relationship will destroy their personalities. They will be moody, quite aggressive and will always look for troubles. In reality; they will be only trying to show that they are not happy. I am proud of you that you stood up for yourself and for your kids. Love you loads and many prays for you. Clair ..

Hello there. How are you? How are you? I am so glad to read about your pregnancy!! This is a wonderful time for you. I wish you have a smooth pregnancy and a gorgeous baby, darling. I was incapable of conceiving naturally. Doctors informed me this after my miscarriage. I was dead. My days start with crying and end on it. There was no hope. Just darkness. I didn’t know what I should do. Then, my lovely husband took me to BioTexCom. In reality; I was afraid that they are going to say the same thing. I cannot conceive. But, they changed my whole life. Today, I have 3 babies. Just keep hope. Clair ..

Hello there. How are you? I am glad to know you want to have a baby. As you have already mentioned that you have your reasons to not marry I am not going to force you to tell. I am sure, you are stable enough to raise a baby on your, are you not? I don’t know your reasons but why don’t you give it a thought? Having a complete family is an amazing feeling. Have you thought what are you going to tell your baby about his/her father? As you asked for suggestion; here it is. I was diagnosed with illness. It affected my conceiving capabilities. I was informed to never even try. It will be suicidal. Yet, a woman cannot bear this information. No matter the cost, I was keen on having a baby. My husband took me to BioTexCom. They were amazing. The woman labeled as incapable of conceiving have 3 babies. You should go for surrogacy. It will best in your case. I am attaching a link of clinic so you can watch that too. Clair ..

Hello. How are you? I am sorry to read about your condition. It is best if you wait. Let your hormones be in normal positing. In this waiting span, have a good lifestyle. Eat healthy food. Drink plenty of water. Do morning walks. Avoid juices and alcohols. Have good rest. Sleep if very important for a mother. It is not easy to conceive if you are not taking good care of yourself. Best of luck. Clair..

Hello. How are you? Yes, I am a patient of PCOS and I have 3 babies. Not naturally. I cannot conceive due to this illness. I had my babies in a clinic BioTexCom. They gave me fertility treatments and then I conceived. You can opt for this clinic too if you cannot conceive due to this reason. I am attaching link for you to look and be satisfied. They are very well trained, have excellent equipments and above all the results are guaranteed. Best of luck. Clair ..

Hello there. How are you? Look, don’t be confused. You can wait for week more days. Let the symptoms be clear. Sometimes; it is just the hormonal changes in body. If this continues; simply good for blood or serum test. You can have faith on both of them. In the mean time; have a healthy and balanced diet. It is necessary to have a good diet. Meditate and eat lots and lots of vegetables. Avoid alcohol. Avoid juices. Hope for the best. Clair ..

Hello there. How are you? Look; proceeding to start a donor egg cycle, it is extremely important that egg donors carefully converse all possible danger and side effects of egg donation with their fertility physician. Few of the risks are: Blood drawing, Fertility Drugs, Antibiotics and many more. It is not necessary that if you are healthy, can star donating eggs. Everything has pros and cons. Thought, cons are not severe; still it is advisable to discuss it with doctor. I had undergone my fertility treatment form BioTexCom. I am attaching a link for you. Best wishes, Clair..

Hello there. How are you? Look; don’t worry. Sometime; conceiving naturally take time. You had just come of the pills. The components still reside in you. So, have a little patience. In the mean time; consult a doctor. They can prescribe you some prenatal vitamins. They can even run some tests on you. Find out if something is wrong. I was not able to conceive naturally because of my illness. In BioTexCom; I had undergone fertility treatment. Today, I have 3 babies. So, I am attaching a link for you. You can consult doctor there. They are quite experienced. You can trust them. All the best, Clair..