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Hello there. How are you? How are you? I am so sorry that you are going through this phase. I hope your partner is supportive of you in this situation. You are doing the right thing. She is your daughter too. The man who is claim full custody, we don’t know where he had been when he was suppose to meet your daughter. When you tracked him through CSA, then He paid. Why? If he claims to have full custody, he should have proved to be a good father. I advise you not to give your daughter to him. No matter what anybody thinks. She is a girl. Anything can happen. I urge you not to give your daughter. Best wishes. Clair

Hello there. How are you? How are you? This is such a good question. You know, I want to share my story and experience. I had 2 miscarriages before I was informed that I cannot conceive. This broke me. I felt so much connection with both of them and then it was vanished. Taken away from me. Eaten by an illness that I didn’t know about. I was so depressed. My husband was there in all the ups and lows yet I felt empty. I had conceived artificially in BioTexCom. The clinic gave me a hope of being a mother. When they implanted in me the seeds; after about 2 weeks, I felt the baby growing. I felt that very first time, I am going to a mother family and when I gave birth. It felt like the world stopped revolving. No one was there. Just me and my own flesh and blood. I know this is a bit of a long story but you feel being a mother without being confirmed. It is such kind of a connection with the one growing inside of you. Best wishes. Clair

Hello there. How are you? How are you? Look; first and foremost, you are doing it for your baby. You are doing it for your family. I know it is hard for you to leave your baby is little to someone. I know the whole day you will be thinking about him/her. This is all natural. You are a mother. Even when your baby is all grownup and married with their own kids, you will still be worried for him/her. So, don’t worry. I know this is easy said than done but you have to understand sometimes it the only way. You need to give your baby everything they ever wished for. It is not going be easy; being a working mother; but trust me it will be worth it. Best wishes. Clair

Hello there. How are you? How are you? I am so glad to read about your post. This is the moment we all wait. This is the time a mother visualizes when she is informed that she is pregnant. This is the ultimate gift and return of all the pains and sufferings we, as mothers go through for these bundles of joys. I am totally related with your happiness. I myself have 3 artificially conceived babies ye they love me so much. They are the only hope in my life. They are the reason I am living. I am so glad for you. Best wishes. Clair

Hello there. How are you? How are you? I am so sorry to read about your post. This is really a stressful situation you had faced in your life. This is something not easy to cope you with. Especially; kids. They are affected the most. I can understand your situation. Though; I had never been in one, but the pain you went through is quite evident. Look; I cannot advise you on anything, expect this. Just do not give a relation which gave you children. To end a relationship is not the solution of everything. You are quite right. No amount of money is worth the happiness and contentment of your children. They need their dad to be present in their functions in school rather than go to a castle which is either: father or mother less. Si I am glad to know that you guys are back. Best wishes. Clair

Hello there. How are you? How are you? I am so sorry to read about your pot. This is quite unfair to why. Have you consulted anyone about the problem? I am sure many would be delighted to help you out. Do not take these things lightly. They need to be aware that they are doing wrong and it is not neglected. I hope you find a solution soon. Best wishes. Clair

Hello there. How are you? How are you? I am glad to know about your decision. Look; it is usually as that egg donor is supposed to be quite healthy. Why don’t you consult doctor or any clinic how have a list of peoples as donors. They can help you. Usually that way is more appropriate. You will save yourself from all the hassles. I wish you all the best. Clair

Hello there. How are you? How are you? I am glad to read about your post. This is such good news. I wish all the best for you. It is a mesmerizing feeling. To feel your own flesh and blood grow in your belly. I use to meditate when I was pregnant. To be honest with you, I had left a certain strange connection with my baby. It is so amazing. I am so happy for you. May your pregnancy be as smooth as water. Amen. Clair

Hello there. How are you? How are you? I am glad. Wishing you all the best of luck. There are several of youthful mums here with planned pregnancies. They are superb loving mums. Age should be no problem if you have that motherly natural feeling but it will be a matter to others and you will require organizing yourself for the reaction not just from family and friends but nearly everyone most probable discourteous unfamiliar persons also. Regrettably, if your associates are not at the similar spot in their life like you then you will almost certainly misplace the connections with nearly all of them. You will recognize who your genuine friends are following having a baby. If we talk about education; you ought to come across at what you can learn from home. Make certain that you don't have to do too a great deal of work every week. With a few lessons; you should go at your own velocity which is what you call for until you can work out how much study time you can fit in. You will ...

Hello there. How are you? How are you? Look; it is not easy to keep track of this. Why are you scared of the test? Don’t you want this beautiful blessing? Relax. Just relax. You need to clear your mind first and then think. Such symptoms are of pregnancy but this is not necessary. Sometime; hormonal changes do affect this way. You should wait for more days. If this continues; immediately opt for any of the two tests: Blood or Serum. They are quite authentic and very accurate. So, hope for the best. Clair