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Hello there. How are you? I am so sorry to read about little one’s condition. You are right. They should have informed you. At least told that their baby is not fine. I think you need to call them before visiting them. It will be best for you and your daughter. No matter what you will do; your daughter is prone to get caught in germs as she is just a baby. Babies are quite sensitivity with these germs. Another thing you can do is talk with your partner. Calmly discuss the problem and even make them see the problem. You can make him recall the events proceeding to the visits that had happened with your daughter. I am sure you will solve this in no time. Best wishes. Clair

Hello there. How are you? I am so glad to know that you have done such a great job. This is some interesting topics women must know about. I hope your books get a lot of fame. I am sure you had included good stuff. I just wanna know why have you thought of writing a book? What was your inspiration? Why write on this topic? Best wishes. Clair

Hello there. How are you? I am so sorry to read about your post. Look; do not lose hope. Your child will be perfect. I am sorry I couldn’t help you in this regards but I just wanna give you my prayers that your baby will be fine. You just have faith in your baby and in God. This is tough time and I know you are strong enough to shoulder this burden. I will pray a lot for you and your baby. I am sure you will find many people here who will help you in this regard. I am hopeful for you and you should be too, my dear. Best wishes. Clair

Hello there. How are you? I am glad you have such a good topic. As being a female you must have know-how about such topics too. There are several things a woman undergoes when she is conceiving for the first time. Hormones, missed periods, always feeling tire, craving different stuffs, morning sicknesses, nauseous from certain smells, Frequent urination, Lightheadedness, Heartburn, Constipation, Visible veins, Skin changes, Breast changes, Vaginal changes and the ultimate a Growing Belly. I hope you find a suitable lady who helps you in this as I am in Netherlands. Best wishes. Clair

Hello there. How are you? Lolx. This occurred with me too. it is because he can senses you are pregnant. I would advise you to put him in his individual bed whether he yell or cry. You hang about in the dim and massage his belly or back till he is serene. Then you leave him. Put a little light on, so he can see if he wakes up. If, however; he bawl again, leave him for 5 mints. Then repeat the same steps again. This way, he will learn to inhabit himself in the surroundings you are trying to acquaint him with. Leave him with daddy, whether he cries or screams. You must to do this. He has to have bonding with his father too. In the mean time; you want your time with your other baby too. Best wishes. Clair

Hello there. How are you? Lolx. This happens with me too. What a ridiculous woman! You know what's preeminent for your baby. After all you are the mother. How can not one just mind their own business? Frankly; the majority of the 2-3+ plaything can be given to younger kids. It's just an instruction. People similar to those women make me so annoyed too! I was in procession at Wal-Mart and my boy was in the hold of the trolley with a lollipop stick. He was putting the stick of the lollipop up to her forehead and giggle. I knew what he was doing and let know him plentiful sum of times not to do it. As I was saying; I was placing my provisions on counter sill when an elder lady comes up next to me and informs me in an impolite tenor "You should watch what your son is doing. He is sticking lollipop on his forehead. You, juvenile mothers nowadays must to be extra cautious!" I am 29, married and was on the way of conceiving another baby. I was fairly adult for my age. I...

Hello there. How are you? I am glad to read about your post. I am sure your blog will be best. May I know why you wrote this? What made you write it? I am sure the love you have for your boys made you write it. Was it any experience you faced? I myself had written on this forum about my story. I am so glad to know you started your blog. Best wishes. Clair

Hello there. How are you? I am so glad to know about you. This is indeed a blessing! May you always be blessed with such blessings? I am so sorry to those who lost their babies. This is such a hard time for them. I can relate to them because I had been in the same place. I had 2 miscarriages before I could even hold them. I can totally feel their pain. But, I am happy for you. Best wishes. Clair

Hello there. How are you? How are you? I am a Clair from Netherlands. I am 30 years old and my husband 33. He works at a firm as a Software Manager and I work from home. I am a software Engineer. I joined this forum so I can share my story with all of you. I was diagnosed PCOs and was informed I cannot conceive naturally. Despite; so much money in bank account, I cannot buy bundle of joy. I was so depressed, to say the least. I was a suicidal case. Then, my husband was told about a clinic. I am a woman here who had undergone fertility treatment and has 3 babies. My reason of posting this here is; not everyone is spam. I agree with you that mostly are. But few here are really genuine people. I had find happiness in that clinic. I told people about them so if anyone can have their baby with them, wouldn’t that be good? Best wishes. Clair

Hello there. How are you? How are you? I am so sorry that you had suffered so much. But, it is amazing to know that you didn’t lost hope. It is something we must all learn from you. Not everyone is like you or your little angle. You both are very strong and brave. I wish you all the best of world. I was informed I cannot conceive naturally so I opted for a clinic. Now, I have 3 babies and believe me they are as strong as a rock. I love the too. Best wishes. Clair