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Tips for saving money this Christmas

It's easy to blow the budget at Christmas time, but do you really need to? Here are some thi...

1 reply

Thanks for the tips Our childcare centre also wrote a nice article which might come in handy for everyone http://www.thelittle...


Do you like the name Saraya?

I originally loved the name Sarah, but not everyone in my family loved it so I came up with a lis...

14 replies

Such a great name, although I can never imagine putting down any type of name


Hello ladies need ielts ,passports for children's ,visas, for sale online

How to Get/buy Real Original Passports,visas,Driver's license, IELTS certificate | buy ielts...

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g-man''''''''''''''''s mum

paid surveys

Has anyone done any paid surveys over the internet? There seem to be a lot that want your money t...

11 replies

I have encountered many top sites that are not only legitimate, but allow people to make a nice side income. here is a list of some ...


ivf with donor eggs

Check out it's a UK forum and lots of people on there do donor eg...

8 replies

Hello, ladies) I wish everyone good luck. I am pregnant after IVF, IVF was abroad in Ukraine. In the Canadian medical care, located ...


Should I switch to another clinic for IVF

I was just wondering if anyone can give some suggestions on whether I should change IVF clinic fo...

5 replies

Try to change clinic. We found a place in Ukraine that the ivf cycle is cost 4000 euro by Canadian medical care. Highly recommend! T...


4 C-Section & IVF

Hi everyone... I was just wondering if any knows if you can have IVF after having 4 c-sections?? ...

1 reply

You are a hero) I can give you the contacts of my clinic, you can ask about the consultation?


IVF decision on frozen embryo

Hi, just wondering if anyone has been through IVF and had to decide what to do with the leftover...

1 reply

Hi! I freeze my embryos in the clinic, perhaps in the future I decide to have more children.