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pregnancy and the rod Rss

Hey girls im new here and have no idea where to write this so, I know im probably been stupid but ive been on the rod (nexplanon) I think thats what its called the newer one anyways for about a month and a half I was bleeding week after week maybe 1-2 days break, and now I havent had one for nearly a week I keep getting prenancy symptoms (nausea, tender breast ive been going off a lot of food and getting that i used to love and getting that yucky tastenin my mouth and really hormonal) I got told you can get them with the rod, but how would you know if you are, im scared and havent taken a test to make sure yet, the doctor will probably say its in my head as ive had bad pains in my belly aswell :/ what do yous think I should do? Do you think im stupid.?
Yeah I know I might do it tommorrow just to make sure thanks smile
Hello there. How are you? How are you? Look; it is not easy to keep track of this. Why are you scared of the test? Don’t you want this beautiful blessing? Relax. Just relax. You need to clear your mind first and then think. Such symptoms are of pregnancy but this is not necessary. Sometime; hormonal changes do affect this way. You should wait for more days. If this continues; immediately opt for any of the two tests: Blood or Serum. They are quite authentic and very accurate. So, hope for the best. Clair
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