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Egg Donor needed

We are a loving couple in our late thirties who would love nothing more than to have a child of our own. We have a supportive extended family and we are looking for a special woman who would be prepared to donate eggs to us to make our dream a reality. If you are 35 years or younger, have completed your own family and are in good health we would love to hear from you.

Please contact Tanya or Christina in confidence on 0800 433 784 or Quote reference: Angel
Hello there. How are you? How are you? I am glad to know about your decision. Look; it is usually as that egg donor is supposed to be quite healthy. Why don’t you consult doctor or any clinic how have a list of peoples as donors. They can help you. Usually that way is more appropriate. You will save yourself from all the hassles. I wish you all the best. Clair
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