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need advice Rss

im just worried about this situation that im having.

my ex my oldest daughter father and his family tried to kipnap my daughter to tassie when she was roughly 6 months old.

we were only 16/17 year old and we had a kid so young his mother thought i would do a terrible job to bring her up. i had my family and friends support..

i went to court to get full custody of her, but they wouldnt let me as he told his lawyer a bunch of lies saying i cheated on him and he wasnt the father even though he sign the birth cert and he even came to the hospital.
so they postpone the court date.

when the court date came up, we went back to court, i had my partner with me at the time and my ex wanted to bash him. he started to get very aggressive while in court. they gave me full custody but he allow to visit her every saturdays..

once we hit 18, he took me to court for DNA to prove that he the father.. the judge threw him out of court saying you sign the birth cert, you cant do anything about it..

since then, he hasnt been bothered to see her every saturday. hasnt even paid child support. not even one bit. i even told CSA about it, they trying to track him down. he get paid under the table and doesnt pay tax whatsoever.

then the other day he called up my partner to talk to me. i grab the phone and he said he want sophie full time since now i have a new baby. i told him no as he the father of 3 child including me, with 3 different mother and he only 22 year old.

for that his friends and family think im selfish and greedy with my daughter and they think i wont let him have her on weekends when he doesnt even bother to call or see how she is..

Am i doing the right thing? i need some advice, my partner doesnt know what to do as he only a new father to our new baby. i dont mind her seeing him as i know that they cant take her off me, or kip nap her. i was wondering if anyone went through it?
Im so sorry you're going through this and i dont have any advice other than go with your gut, but he sounds like an idiot....

If they tried to kidnap her and then he claimed he wasnt the father... thats just taking kidnapping on a new level, isnt it? Why didnt the judge do something about that?

It sounds like hes just trying to be a pain in the butt for the sake of it because youre happy. I hope it all works out for you and he leaves you alone.

Anyway, who cares what his family and friends think? They are only going to believe him because its convenient for them to. Dont even think about them.
Hello there. How are you? How are you? I am so sorry that you are going through this phase. I hope your partner is supportive of you in this situation. You are doing the right thing. She is your daughter too. The man who is claim full custody, we don’t know where he had been when he was suppose to meet your daughter. When you tracked him through CSA, then He paid. Why? If he claims to have full custody, he should have proved to be a good father. I advise you not to give your daughter to him. No matter what anybody thinks. She is a girl. Anything can happen. I urge you not to give your daughter. Best wishes. Clair
You should always think about the safety of your kids. Do not allow anything to endanger them. Even if it is your ex.
This is why we are attending the classes on how to treat your newborn as well as how to ensure her safety.
We are going all in when she is born. This was not our idea in the first place. We were told that it is the best thing to do while waiting for a baby by our manager at WCOB. And it is. I have to admit I wouldn't have thought about it if our manager did not suggest it.
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