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Stroller for the baby Rss

Looking for suggestions for strollers
I bought a Britax Agile for my first bub and we're going to get the same for the second one. It is not fancy but it worked really well for us with our first kid so we decided to buy it again. It is light, easy to maneuver, easy to fold and has an easy-recline seat with a generous canopy and seat space for a growing toddler. It served us well when we travelled across Europe with our 2yo then coz it was small enough for even the small rental car we used that the time. It's a shame our old stroller got damaged by baggage handlers on our way home though so we now have to buy a new one.
I have Chicco stroller that i got from my sister, who already has two children riding it. So can these strollers long-living.
I have the same problem, our previous is broken(
Oh, I really don't like this thread because it so difficult to select a really good one stroller. i read so much articles, in some them are recommended heavy and practicale models, some websites recommend to buy light and cheap. I can't decided what to order 3 months) One time a woman from yoga sad that she has found probably the best variant, light, cheap, modern and of course very high quality. I were so happy. And she didn't lie to me, it is perfect. On you can see and order all what you need to travel with your baby. Hope that I helped you)
Check out the Vista V2. (it's pretty expensive but I scoured a deal on ebay). I bought the stroller because I have a newborn and an 18 month old and wanted a stroller for both of them that transitions through toddler phases. I love this stroller! Extremely easy to put together and to maneuver. Only down side is it’s not super easy to fold with one hand and it’s also pretty heavy.
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