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JUNE 2012 Lock Rss

shortyB wrote:
Jess n hailee wrote:shortyB wrote:You could work out roughly online with a due date calculator if you know date of your last af should be finejust had a look and 1 site said march 11 and another said march 14 lol so im guessing somewhere in between lolLol well I did one if I was to be pregnant and cos my cycle is 30 days I'd be march 10 haven't tested yet, im nervous it will be negative but I'm 2 dpo. Never happened before.Did the test let u put in you cycle length?

yeah it did but my cycles change every month. one month its 28 days and the next its 31... i dunno
my LMP was 4th june so im really not sure

Babies don't come when you expect them too anyway! A dating scan will help you... I'm in 2 minds about testing.
shortyB wrote:
Babies don't come when you expect them too anyway! A dating scan will help you... I'm in 2 minds about testing.

aint that the truth lol... i have liver issues and was told that when i do fall pregnant they may not let me go full term anyway, which is a shame... but what ever is in the best interest of me and my child is good for me. im nervous about getting the blood test results tomorrow, im scared that even though all the hpt came up positive the bloods might come neg... im so nervous.. ARGH!!!
I'm even nervous about doing a HPT which is one if the reasons I haven't done yet...
lol when r u going to test??
I don't know lol! What do you think? I'm 2 days late today...
test in the morning... if ur already late then u r likely to get a result... cos mine isnt always the same lenth i just started testing at day 26 and got positives from then and stll am but still nervous about the bloods
I just am not sure if I ovulsted late or not thats why was thinking about waiting til weekend. My boobs are still sore I'm getting more use to it but I might have to get use to it.
mine started the same... my boobs are finally settling now lol. test tomorrow and if it come neg and u still dont get af then test again on the wk end
Just don't want to waste tests ill do it Wes of anything as I only have to work for 1.5hrs... And tomorrow I have a long day and would rather ve at home longer so I don't go nuts not being able to tell DH.
thats fair enough lol... i have tests to waste i bought 50 off ebay haha i thought it was gonna be alot of testing. that another reason i keep testing
I only have 2 in my bedside table atm...
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