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Any Clomid success stories? Lock Rss

I have been ttc no 2 (have a DS) for 5 months following a missed miscarriage. Have just found out I am not ovulating and finding this really hard as conceived very quickly before. I am going to start on clomid 50mg days 3-7 next cycle, has anyone had success with clomid or anything to share? Any answers much appreciated.
well with myself, i was on 50mg dose when i was 19/20 due to nonovulation following surgery down there. and while i didnt fall pregnant on those 3 months, it did restore my ovulation and i fell pregnant naturally on a break from it.

this time, at 22, i went onto 50mg, as i didnt ovulate properly once i had nikkita.. the 50mg didnt work, but the 100mg following cycle did. admittedly, it took me 9more months, (10 total on clomid this time) but i also have other issues related to why it took so long, such as endometriosis, and hostile mucous. i did 4 failed iuis, to try bypass the mucous, and on the cycle that was cancelled, i fell pregnant the traditional way! so yes, it DOES help. for some it takes longer, but if your only problem is not ovulating, then you have a great chance of success! good luck

I am on my first month of 50mg clomid. I have a nearly 3 DD who was conceived naturally. tests showed i was ovulating but not all the time or sometimes very late in the cycle. I took mine from days 3-7. i have my 21 days progesterone test this week. charting shows that i have ovulated and nice and early too (around day 14). i go back to my gyno next week to get the results and then it's a waiting game to see if i am pregnant this month. i have had more pain after ovulation than normal so i may have released more than one egg or a really good strong one on it's own.

Good Luck! and Baby Dust!

Hi lolom

I am also on clomid trying for no 2. DS is 3 and I feel so easy with him (3rd cycle after stopping the pill) and no complications . I have had two mc's this year. Am on clomid (50 mg days 5-9) as wasn't ovulating efficiently and when I fall then I start on some other stuff.

This is my 3rd cycle on clomid (Day 26 of 30/31). I did a HPT yesterday and it was BFN - it may be too early to tell.

I too am hopping for some success stories.

I wish you luck

Darcy''s Mum

Hi Girls, thanks for your replies, it's nice to know other's in the same boat, I am now waiting for AF to show up so I can start the clomid. It's so frustrating watching other's get pregnant but at least I know what the problem is now.
Good luck with your pregnancy Amy and ttc with the clomid girl's, hopefully it is the wonder drug!
Hi lolm, i have another success story for you gasp)

I fell preggy with DS very easy, so when i started to plan for number 2 i thought it would be the same. However after coming off the depo a doc confirmed i was not ovulating, after 6-8 months of trying and only ovulation 2 time in the length i started clomid. 50mg didnt work so i was very sad, but doc was watching my cycles and gave me 100mg, first month of this i ovulated two eggs ! gasp) yay but was not lucky that month. On the second month of 100mg i ovulated again but only one little eggy, so i was sure the AF was on her way. I had the pains of AF and it was month 10 of TTC and i was in tears thinking i was going to make it to a year of trying and still not be preggy..... but on 13DPO i tested and got a BFP ! i am now 19weeks preggy with one healthy little baby gasp)
good luck and i hope it doesnt take you to long to get your BFP gasp)

Hi girls. I too am on clomid as well as metformin. I am on 100mg clomid taken on cd3-cd7. I am currently on cd14. I am trying for no.3. i conceived both my other children on clomid and metformin. My best friend has just announced she is pregnant and i feel like i have been kicked in the guts. Anyway good luck to all u girls on the clomid merry go round.
hi i had clomid for my 14 year old daughter it took almost 6 years to have her i started on 50mg a month then up to 100mg finely 150mg a day was what it took for me to have her i also had to have 150mg a day for my son 6 years later but now we are having our 6th baby the last 2 not needing any meds at all it seems as i have got older i have become more fertile
You are doing amazing work! Thanks for sharing your wonderful posts. I had unexplained infertility. I've got Clomid whilst waiting for ivf. That's great smile I found and got Clomid a way cheaper (coupon code "GET10"). I was ovulating most months but never had a regular cycle, we conceived our little miracle on round 2 of Clomid and now I am sitting here with him sleeping on my chest. We tried for almost 2,5 years before falling pregnant. Hope it gives you some hope as I never thought I would have a baby. Good luck to all!


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