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Beautiful new photo series that aims to help support women who have suffered a miscarriage Lock Rss

If you've suffered a miscarriage, you'll know how heart-breaking it is. You'll also know how it's still one of the topics so rarely talked about even amongst women. A beautiful new photo series by Nikita Razo of Junebug Photography Studios is trying to break the taboo and celebrate the babies "who were too precious for earth". When Nikita Razo had a miscarriage she realised she had become part of a large secret group.

And in an effort to help break the silence surrounding pregnancy loss, she decided to create a powerful photo series that allows women to publically acknowledge their loss.

"Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month is near and dear to my heart. This is because I myself have suffered from a miscarriage. This very secret but large group that so many of us are part of needs to break its silence! Pregnancy and infant loss isn’t something that should be met with embarrassment, guilt, or shame but rather acceptance, love, and support. From our families; from our friends; and most importantly from ourselves and others around the world who have been through the same roller coaster of emotions that come with such a heartbreaking tragedy. On this day, we will remember all the tiny babies who were too precious for Earth. But let’s also take the time to reach out to someone you know who might be hurting and just let them know that you are there. Together, we can make a change. Because the last thing I want is for a woman to feel like she has to go through this journey alone…. As you read each woman's own personal journey, feel free to share yours as well! #Iam1in4 #breakthesilence #pregnancyandinfantlossawarenessday2016
Hello there. How are you? I am so sorry to read about your post. I am all tears. This is such a heartbreaking thing. I know this is one of worst feelings. Like to know that you are conceiving; that feeling you had is something so wonderful and beautiful that you cannot wipe that smile off your face. You act all goofy. People loves you. Your relationship with your spouse gets more strong. I know this feeling. I had not one but two miscarriages. I was a breathing corpus. I couldn't differentiate between day and night. I was not eating. I didn't know my condition. I had foul smell from me. I was so depressed that I couldn't even go and have a bath. My husband was the one who looked after me. He was the one who stood tall and firm in front of me when I was cowering in corners like shadows. I was not going out. I confined myself in a room This was death. I know. Just hope and pray no one ever go through this ever again. Today; I have 3 beautiful babies due to "BioTexCom". I am eternally greatful to them.
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