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Light a candle on October 15 for International Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day Lock Rss

On October 15th, parents, friends and grandparents will create a wave of light to honour and remember the lives of little lives lost.

Andre Carvalho, CEO of Sands Australia, a not-for-profit organisation that offers support and guidance for bereaved parents who have experience the loss of a baby, says International Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day is a day where parents can come together to support one another.

“This day is a very important one for the many Australian families who have experienced the grief caused by the death of a baby,” he says.

“It’s a day for reflection and remembrance, and it’s also a time to help raise awareness among the greater community.”

Each year, Sands organises a number of memorial events across Queensland, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia and Tasmania, led by Volunteer Parent Supporters based in each State.

“This year, to coincide with International Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day, we will be hosting walks in in various locations in Queensland, Victoria and South Australia, as well as candle lighting ceremonies and memorial services in both Western and South Australia,” he says.

“We urge families, friends and members of the community to get involved. Join us for a walk or light a candle to show your support.”

To learn more about Sands Walks and Memorial Events, visit the Sands website.

Anyone affected by the death of a baby can ring the 24/7 Sands support line 1300 072 637 and talk to a Volunteer Parent Supporter or visit
Hello there. I am so glad you posted such a post on this forum. With this post; I want to share my experience. I was diagnosed with PCOS. I had 2 miscarriages. I was unable to breath. Was hospitalized for weeks. When discharged, I confided myself in a room and cried. This is all I had done. Cried. I hadn’t eaten anything for a week. Then my husband was the one who took the responsibility on his shoulders and did researches, consulted doctors and took to “BioTexCom”. There they advised me for IVF treatment and to conceive artificially. I had undergone this treatment and today I have 3 babies all fit and my own. I am eternally grateful to them. Yet; I am not able to forget my babies I couldn’t hold. I couldn’t kiss good night. Just hope for the best.
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