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Prenatal vitamins after miscarriage ? Lock Rss

Did you take any vitamins after miscarriage to help uterus recovery and get ready for TTC again ? Did these supplements help? I was on Elevit for 9 months and still ended up with an early pregnancy miscarriage. Gutted really . A friend told me to take vitamin E but I'm just not sure as Elevit has Vintamin E in it too. Thanks.
Hello there. How are you? Look; I was diagnosed with PCOS and was informed that I cannot conceive naturally. I then had opted for “BioTexCom” for conceiving artificially. You can consult your doctors for this. They will give you the best advice. They know how your body will react to these medicines. Though they are vitamins; you are not suppose to eat or take every one of them. Some will suit you best; some won’t. Just seek doctor’s advice and then take it in the quantity they prescribe. Clair ..
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