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D & C 8 wks ago Lock Rss

Hi Everyone, this is a kind of a "get it out post". My D & C was 8 wks ago- but am still throwin out +s. Ive only dropped from HCG 35 to 22 in the last 2 wks. When do we ovulate? Is it when we hit 0 again that this can happen? The whole draggin out process is making me think twice about conceiving- I come down from 109 000 pre D & C, I would have thought lately that I may be pregnant but these #s suggest otherwise. I cant wait to be normal again....
Thanks unique- it s just annoying- Im fit/healthy and others conceive 2 wks after the fact. Thought my levels would have well & truly lowered by now!
Gone from a summer baby to who knows!!
Hello there. Hope you are good. I am so sorry to hear about your loss. It is best that you keep track of your fertile days. If you want to conceive again, and fast, then I suggest that get into action 1-2 days before your menstrual cycle. This is good and very effective to get you on the way of conceiving. Another way is to seek doctors advise and take some pills. They can help yyou in this. Wish all the best to you! Clair ..
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