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The bond is beautiful Rss

Do you just watch the bond between daddy & bub? I do every minute they are together, watch their love/ relationship grow, it melts my heart!
Hi. Yes, it is a very lovely bond! I had my beautiful little girl through surrogacy. I used to doubt that our baby might not feel like 'ours'. Don't judge me, I was going through an emotional roller coaster. But, when this bundle of joy came to this world, she took our heart instantly. With her first smile, she captured our love! I often watch her play with her daddy. It gives me butterflies every time. She's only 2yo but looks like she's growing up too fast! I want to live her childhood for longer. This is so unfair, though. She seems to love daddy more than she loves me. It's lovely but I get jealous sometimes - in a good way. I cannot thank that clinic and the surrogate mother enough. They have given us a new life, I swear.
Thanks for sharing wonderful video. Child father bond is really magic. This video is very emotional. I can't watch it completely. I am an infertile. I went Bio TexCom clinic Ukraine for surrogacy. I had a healthy baby boy through surrogacy. I had doubt that we might not have the normal child parent bond. But all my fears gone after seeing the child. He loves to play with his daddy. Both have the same habits. I really like him growing. I am thankful to surrogate mother and Bio TexCom for giving us a new life. I hope happiness for all infertile couples. I wish all of them luck.
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