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Avatar Haydzsam
Sleeping on Side and moves a bit during sleep

6 and a half month Lo

ends up on her side when she sleeps on mattress with mum or her nan & in her cot just wanting to make sure this is okay (Dad who worries about everything ) has been all good but i notice she does move alot but gets into a comfy position

Thanks :-)

Jane ...
Answer: Hi, Thanks for your email. This is a difficult question to answer because once babies start rolling and finding their own preferred sleeping position it's unrealistic to keep turning them onto their back. Evidence is clear that tummy and side sleeping increase the risks of SIDS/SUDI however, rolling is a normal developmental stage and is necessary for babies to build their skills in learning to sit and crawl. I'd suggest you check the www.sidsandkids.org website for the most up to date, evidence based recommendations about side sleeping. Of note though you say she's sleeping on a mattress with her mum or nan. Co sleeping is risky and if parents choose to do this then it's important again, to follow the sidsandkids recommendations on how to co sleep in the safest way. Cheers Jane
Answered: 15 Jan 2017