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Avatar Bisho...
Sleeping and feeding routine

My 8 week old boy is still feeding every 3 hours day and night. He has got himself in a routine of waking to the second even if he's not hungry. How do I spread this out to 4 hourly? He is of a good weight and plenty of wet nappies etc. I'm craving some more sleep!

Jane ...
Answer: Hi, He may be going through a growth spurt, this is common at around 8 weeks. You could try to resettle him without a feed and just pat and soothe him instead. Of offer him his dummy if he has one, though I'd suggest not starting one now if he doesn't have one already. Make sure he's feeding on both breasts through the day and evening, one sided feeding can lead to more frequent feeding. And check with your CHN re. your baby's weight gain and growth. You'll probably find as he gets older that his sleeps become longer, but some minor changes with his day/evening feeds may make a lot of difference. You could also offer him "top ups" after his day feeds, within 30 minutes of finishing his feeds then offer him a bit extra. Best Jane
Answered: 09 Jul 2016