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Avatar danci...
What time should a 5 month old go to bed at night?

Hi I was wondering what time I should be putting my 5 month old to bed at night? At present it ranges from 8.30-9.30pm. Any earlier and I'm worried she will be waking earlier for a night feed but is this thecase? She is exclusively breastfed and wakes 1-2 times for milk during the night. She currently has 2 day naps totalling 3-4 hours. Thank you

Jane ...
Answer: Hello, What you've described in terms of her feeding and sleeping sounds absolutely normal. She is still entitled to BF 1-2 times during the night and it's not until after 6 months of age that most BF baby's are able to sleep for longer, continuous periods of up to 6 hours or more overnight without demanding a BF. Bed time for a 5 month old really depends on when they were last fed. It's not like with toddlers who ideally, go to bed at 7-7.30 pm and then sleep through until around 6 am. Many babies of this age have their last night feed around 10-10.30pm and then sleep for a few hours before waking for their next BF. Best Jane
Answered: 14 May 2015